Paper and Ink

Term: 3 Year: 2007

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How To:

  • Students viewed Asian art work on the Interactive whiteboard that is in the art room, discussing the
    best simplicity of the works and an emphasis on less is best.
  • They then experimented with Chinese calligraphy brushes and Indian ink, creating thick and thin lines,
    lines that twisted and became thinner as they ambled along.
  • Creating bamboo, flowers and buds were also explored.
  • Food dye was used as a background, then using the Chinese calligraphy brushes students painted in their
  • These were later touched up with Jo Sonja's rich gold to add depth to the work.
  • An Assortment of fans was on display for the students to investigate and get inspiration from.
  • Using a template, they then traced and cut out their fan.
  • They had to decide how their fan would be created. Combinations of food dye background, calligraphy
    drawing and Japanese print paper were available to choose from.
  • The fan needed to be folded and once the design was finished, hot glued into position.
  • This took about four weeks to complete with stunning results and totally engaged students.


Ormond Primary School