Painted Jeans

Term: 4 Year: 2006

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Painted Jeans 1
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‘A canvas of a different kind’

Following Pro Hart’s death earlier in the year, level 4 children discussed his work and the wide range of ‘canvases’
he used for his art – fridges, cars. and jeans. 
We looked at various artists’ work –
including Ken Done and Sydney Nolan from Australia and others from earlier eras such as Monet, Van Gogh, Kandinsky
and Modigliani.
Children chose an artist whose work appealed to them and tried to create a piece of work on paper
in the style of their chosen artist.
When they were satisfied with their use of colour and style, they turned
to a different canvas for their work – a pair of jeans.
Some children chose to stuff their jeans with newspaper
in plastic bags to give them shape before saturating them with a mixture of water and PVA. This gave them a sculptural
form on which to paint. Others painted straight on to their jeans. We used a combination of Dual fabric paints and
Chromacryl with textile medium added. At the conclusion of the unit, each child displayed their work alongside their
working drawings and a print of their artist’s work.

What's Over the Fence?

Prep created a fence with popsticks and moulded the head and hands from “Magiclay” made pink by massaging
pink texta through it. A sponged blue sky, wool for a tree and leaves completed the scene.
Hills Primary School