Owls: A Symbol of Wisdom

Term: 2 Year: 2013

As part of their Leadership Inquiry Unit, the Year 5 students at Caulfield Grammar (Malvern Campus) were asked to consider the qualities of a leader.

They made a long list and decided that wisdom was one of the overriding values that they needed to be able to employ to carry out the other values and to make the right choices and decisions.

In the Art Room they looked at the owl as symbol of wisdom and how it could be used as a reminder to exercise wisdom in all they did. Focusing on their drawing skills, the students made very careful pencil drawings of owls, using photographs as a reference. Great emphasis was put on using detail, pattern, shading skills and use of light and dark. The backgrounds were created with the Zart Art texture rubbing plates.

On completion of their drawings, the students used collage to create their second owl. They were encouraged to see if they could transfer their drawing skills to collage skills and again, achieve a high level of detail and pattern. They pre-painted brown paper in the colours and textures they thought they would use. Other paper was also made available. Students used torn paper collage techniques for the most part, only using scissors for eyes and very fine detail. The collage was glued onto an outlined drawing on black paper and when complete cut out and glued onto black foam board. The owls were then cut out with a sharp knife, ready to hang.

The owls now hang proudly in their Year 6 classrooms as a reminder of the leadership qualities they wish to demonstrate!

Philippa Stichbury Cooper
Caulfield Grammar, Malvern
Sauitable for level 4