Oil Pastel Scratch Off with Acrylic Paint | Mixed Media Art Lesson


In this video we will be creating an oil pastel scratch reveal. The process in creating this is to begin by drawing an oil pastel image on thick cartridge paper. The design should incorporate some negative space. The design can also include some light pastel shading as a background which will create a textured effect.
Once the pastel drawing is complete a layer of black paint mixed with a small amount of washing detergent can be painted over the top. Allow the paint to dry and then scratch the paint back with a tool. This process will create a resist where the colours of the pastel will be revealed from underneath the black paint and the negative space of the white paper becomes black.
The final piece will have an almost wood block print aesthetic. The texture of the pastel with the paint in the negative space adds texture and line to a simple oil pastel drawing.

Lesson Plan: Oil Pastel Scratch-Back Resist

Materials List:

Basics Oil Pastels Large 12’s Assorted
Zart School Colours 2L Black
Scraper Cutter 5’s
Cover Paper 125gsm A4 White
Liquid Detergent