No-Sew Wallets & Purses


Step 1. Enlarge template (bottom of the page) to approx. A4 size.

Step 2. Trace template onto a piece of Vinyl and then cut out. Use the template to mark where the holes should be, and pierce holes using a skewer.

Step 3. Fold the purse along the dotted lines to create a pocket: fold side pocket flaps ‘A’ in first, then pocket flap ‘B’.

Step 4. Cut two pieces of elastic approx. 16cm and 40cm long. Thread the 16cm elastic from inside the pocket through holes 1, 2, 3 then 4, and tie ends together.

Step 5. Thread the 40cm elastic though the top hole ‘5’ from the inside, attach an oval bead before threading back through the same hole.

Step 6. Attach tassels and beads before tying off.

Step 7. Wrap the elastic around the purse twice and fasten over the oval bead. To add a lining and to strengthen the wallet, use two pieces of Vinyl glued back to back, before cutting template. Alternatively add a fabric lining.