Ned Kelly

Term: 1 Year: 2014

A Study of the Artwork of Sidney Nolan: Ned Kelly Series

Students were asked to research Sidney Nolan, and in particular, his Ned Kelly series of paintings. A QR Code was provided linking to a video of the Sidney Nolan Collection at the National Gallery. The key questions the students were asked to consider about this body of work were:

1. What elements of Art characterise these paintings?

2. How has Nolan manipulated these elements to change the mood of the paintings?

3. What media and tools do you think he used to create the paintings?

Studentrs then selected two or three paintings that they particularly liked, and designed a background in the Sidney Nolan Style. This was painted using acrylic paint, capturing the colour and painting techniques made famous by Sidney Nolan.

A template was then created of each students favourite "Ned Kelly" using cover paper. This template was used to create an authentic Ned Kelly from Earthenware clay. When fired and painted, each "Ned" was glued to the painted backgrounds. In this way each student created an authentic representation of Ned Kelly using some of the style and technique made famous by Sidney Nolan.

IPAD requirements

Your IPad will be used to:

1. Create a digital Glossary of art terms

2. Create your personal resource documents

3. Scan the QR Code and watch the linked video

4. Use Sketch book pro to create your design drawings

5. Complete your theory documents using PDF Expert and Pages.

6. Maintain a photographic record of the development of your work.


Please refer to the assessment rubric. Annotate your work and keep a detailed record of your work from research to completion.


Who is Sidney Nolan?

When did he paint his Ned Kelly Series?

What did he try to capture when he painted these artworks?

What key Elements of Art are characteristic of his work?

How has he manipulated and used:

1. Colour

2. Line

3. Shape

Collect your favourite Ned Kelly paintings, paste them here, and annotate the characteristics you want to capture in your own representation.

Haileybury, Brighton
Suitable for 
AusVELS level 7