Natural Fibre Tapestry

Term: 2 Year: 2020


Alpaca, Goats and Sheep Wool

The 2019 Year 5 and 6 students created this natural fibre tapestry with Fibre artist Zetta Kanta.

The process involved weaving on a large loom made on a table top. Fibres from goats, sheep and alpacas were woven onto the loom until it was covered. The loom was then flipped, and the back was covered in alpaca wool and felted using warm water and soap. It was a creative, sensory process that all students had the opportunity to collaborate on.

Thank you to Zetta for visiting and working with us. It is a process we have all learnt from and helped us appreciate textile art and working with natural materials.

Year 5 & 6
Heidelberg Primary School, Heidelberg