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Do I have to be a school teacher to enter?

Yes, the National Teacher-Artist Prize is only open to registered Australian primary or secondary school educators who are currently working/employed in a school.

I’m a registered CRT – Can I enter?

Yes, if you are a fully registered CRT, you can enter. However, you will be required to nominate a school to receive the ‘art materials component’ should you win the National Teacher-Artist Prize.

Can I enter an old artwork?

All artwork entered into the prize must have been executed or created in the 12 months preceding the entry closing date. It must be the original and unaided work of the entrant and cannot infringe the copyright, moral rights or other rights of any third party.

Who are the judges?

The guest judges for the 2021 prize are Del Kathryn Barton and Henry Ward. They will complete the final round of judging and be invited to select the winner of the National Teacher-Artist Prize, the Highly Commended Prize from the shortlisted finalists in the National Teacher-Artist Prize Exhibition.

How many artworks can I enter?

You may enter up to three artworks for consideration. Each artwork will need to be submitted separately, and each entry will attract a fee of $25.00 (inc GST).

How much does it cost to enter?

$25.00 (inc GST) per artwork entry.

Can I enter a collaborative art work?

Yes, however entries representing partnerships between individuals will be accepted as one entry and on the understanding that each partner’s contribution is deemed equal. The Prize will be split equally if the entrant is awarded the National Teacher-Artist Prize, the Highly Commended Prize or the People’s Choice Prize.

How do I vote in the People’s Choice Prize?

Votes are registered through the online gallery.

How many times can I vote?

You may vote on as many different artwork entries as you wish, but you can only vote once per artwork.

Can my students or school community vote in the People’s Choice Prize?


Can I promote or share my artwork on social media to get more votes?

Yes, of course. We encourage you to share your journey and outcomes with us as well!


How do I know if my entry was received?

A notification will be sent to the email provided at the time of entry. This is your confirmation of entry.

How do I know if my entry is approved?

A notification will be sent to the email provided at the time of entry.

Why might an entry not be approved?

An entry may not be approved if the entrant does not qualify for entry (not a registered Australian primary or secondary school educator, not currently working/employed in a school, or not over the age of 18). Or, further, if the images submitted do not meet the required specifications.

Should my images be of high quality?

Yes. The first round of judging will occur digitally. If your images are clear and descriptive, then the judges can properly appraise your submission. If you are selected as a finalist, these images will be published in the accompanying exhibition catalogue.

How can I ensure my images are high quality?

Images need to be high-resolution jpeg format only digital images 300dpi/2MB. These images will be used for the printed catalogue if your artwork is shortlisted for the finalists exhibition. Please submit unaltered photographs that are a true representation of the artwork entered.

How many images can I submit?

Entrants may submit up to two images per entry/artwork, each no greater than 2mb.

Will there be an exhibition catalogue?

Yes. The exhibition catalogue will feature all shortlisted artworks, and will be available at the opening of the National Teacher-Artist Exhibition.

What mediums are accepted?

There are no limitations to the media. It is open to both 2D and 3D entries.

Is there a size restriction for the physical artworks?

2D artwork must not exceed 200cm in either length or width;
3D artwork must not exceed 200cm in height or length or 100kg in weight.

What is an artist’s statement?

An artist’s statement is a written description of your work to provide the viewer with an understanding of it. It can include things like intention, concept, application of materials and methods of working.

What are the exhibition dates?

National Teacher-Artist Prize Exhibition Dates are 1 April 2021 to 23 April 2021.

Where will the exhibition be held?

The National Teacher-Artist Prize Exhibition will be held in Melbourne, Victoria at The Lennox (208 Lennox Street, Richmond)

If I am a finalist can I install my own work?

No, but detailed hanging and/or installation instructions are appreciated. All work must be ready for display and will be installed by a professional curatorial team. The team reserves the right to determine the most appropriate method for displaying the artworks and reserves the right to refuse to display any works deemed inappropriate or unsafe.

Are the finalist’s works available for sale?

No, not through this competition or exhibition.

Do entrants have to pay for artwork transport?

Yes. Finalists must cover the cost and organisation of transport to and from the finalist exhibition.

Is the National Teacher-Artist Prize acquisitive?

No, the prize winners will retain ownership of their work.

How much is the National Teacher-Artist Prize worth?

The winner of the National Teacher-Artist Prize receives an individual cash prize of $10,000 and his or her school receives $10,000 worth of art materials from Zart.

Are there other prizes?

Yes, the total prize pool is $40,000. There are seven ‘Highly Commended Prizes’ that will be awarded to one entrant per state and one entrant on behalf of both territories as judged by the nominated judges. These winners will receive $2,500 worth of art materials from Zart.
There is also a People’s Choice Prize that will be awarded to one entrant whose work receives the most votes during the exhibition. The recipient of the People’s Choice Prize will receive a cash prize of $2,500.

Does the winner get to choose the art materials they will receive from Zart?

Yes. The art materials will be provided via credit with Zart, available to spend over a 12 month period, commencing Friday, 2 April, 2021.

Can international teacher-artists enter?

No. The prize is only open to primary and secondary Australian teachers registered with the relevant authority in that entrant’s state or territory and who are working in an Australian-based school as an employee or contractor.

When will the finalists be announced?

Shortlisted finalists will be announced in March, 2021.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners of the National Teacher-Artist Prize and the seven Highly Commended State-based Prizes will be announced on opening night being Thursday 1st April 2021, with the winner of the People’s Choice Prize announced shortly following the close of the National Teacher-Artist Prize Exhibition.

For any queries, please contact us.

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