Myself and my Towel / Bathing Boxes

Term: 3 Year: 2007

Myself And My Towel Bathing Boxes 2
Myself And My Towel Bathing Boxes 1
Myself And My Towel Bathing Boxes 3

Myself and my Towel

How to:

  • Students brought beach towels from home and cut out pictures from catalogues to research towel designs
    before drawing their own.
  • Contrasting colours were an important teaching element.
  • To draw themselves in their swimming costumes, proportion and scale were explored in comparison to the
    size of the towel.

Bathing Boxes
How To:

  • We studied holiday photos showing beach boxes (bathing boxes) and investigated contrasting colours and
    symmetrical designs.
  • After designing (drawing) a beach box of their own and applying the learnt skills, students used PVA
    and a array of papers to complete their art.

Level 4

Puckapunyal Primary School