Term: 4 Year: 2011
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Caulfield Grammar

As part of their inquiry unit “Healthy Me, Clever Me” the Grade 2 students at Malvern Campus
discussed ways in which they are healthy and clever in the art room.

They explored the idea that through creating their own art work, they can gain confidence in problem solving,
making judgments and in setting goals. They also discussed that idea that art can be a form of relaxation &
self-expression, which is important for being healthy.

As they were all starting to learn an instrument as part of the school’s instrumental programme, we used
this as a basis of our art work. The students looked at a variety of art works that depicted instruments and people
playing instruments and the work of Picasso caught their imagination.

The skills of collage were introduced with an exercise in gluing, using tissue paper, cobweb paper and a variety
of patterned papers. The effects of overlapping were explored and each student chose a colour theme to create a
background for further work.

The students then went on to create a series of drawings of instruments and of people playing an instrument. These
drawings were used as reference for their later collage work. They each chose their best instrument drawing to trace
onto tissue paper that was the same colour as their background collage.

After introducing and learning about complementary colours, the students looked again at the way in which Picasso
compiled his collages. They set to work creating their own instrumentalist, using predominantly the complementary
colour to their background. All pieces were glued onto black light card which was then cut out and arranged with
their tissue instrument drawing onto their collage background.

By the end of the unit, the students had achieved improved gluing skills, a sound awareness of complementary
colours and an appreciation of how collage is constructed. They discussed their art works with pride!
Caulfield Grammar, Malvern
Suitable for Level 4