Moving Motor Car


Chassis Base
Wooden Spools
Wooden Wheels
Battery Pack
Elastic Band
Dowel Rods

How to make a Motor Car

Step 1
Plan location of rear (powered axle) and cut a slot in a Chassis Base to suit cotton spool size and a further slot to allow for the rubber band. 

Step 2
Using a Coping Saw, cut 2 Wooden Spools flat on one side, 3mm from edge of centre hole. Sandpaper smooth this flat surface.

Step 3
Cut a piece of Dowel (40mm wider than Chassis Base) for the rear axle, then slide and Supertac a Wooden Spool exactly in the centre of the Dowel.

Step 4
Loop a rubber band around the centre drive spool and then slide the 2 cut bearing spools onto the axle. Supertac the 2 cut spools to the Chassis Base, make sure the axle and drive spool can spin freely in the bearing spools. ALLOW TO FULLY DRY (3 hours minimum).

Step 5
Mark position where motor is to go and then punch four holes through Chassis for the Cable Ties.

Step 6
Using Cable Ties fix the Motor in place, tighten well. Glue on Battery Pack and check band is tight enough and axle is spinning freely. Make sure the Motor is angled slightly so the rubber band won’t slip off.

Step 7
Now attach a front axle using another cut spool glued to base. Insert a cut Dowel Rod and glue on wheels. Connect power and the base unit is ready to move. 

Step 8
Use Construction Foam or Balsawood to build and decorate a body to finish off your racer.