Mothers' Day Lantern

LanternAn easy Mother's Day activity which looks absolutely stunning when illuminated. This lantern could also be used as a fabulous centrepiece for dinner with friends and family at home. The scratch-art design possibilities are endless.


Clear-Scratch Film Sheets
Scraper Paper Wooden Tool
Mount Board Tag
LED Tea Light* (DO NOT use a normal candle for this activitiy)

How to make a Lantern

Step 1
Cut a sheet of Clear Scratch Film in half.

Step 2
Use a Wooden Tool to scrape away the black film from the sheet to create a decorative pattern.

Step 3
Roll the patterned film into a cylinder and secure it with staples.

Step 4
Place an LED Tea Light (DO NOT use a real candle) on a Mount Board Tag and place the cylinder over it.

Step 5
The light with shine through the pattern created on this film.

*Safe, flameless LED battery Tea Lights have a flame shaped LED bulb which softly flickers to mimic the effect of a real candle.