Mother's Day Gift Box


Cardboard Box 90mm Round
Cartridge Paper 110gsm White A4
Food Dye Eco Colour Turquoise
Food Dye Eco Colour Purple
Kinder Squares Gloss 125mm
Metallic Wire Cord Silver 25m
Ribbons Assorted

Step One
Paint a Cardboard Box with Food Dye.

Step Two
Create a design with Food Dye on Cartridge Paper.

Step Three
Trace the shape of the lid on to the decorated Cartridge Paper and cut out.

Step Four
Glue to the lid of the box.

Step Five
Decorate the side of the Cardboard Box with a strip of the decorated Cartridge Paper. Glue on a bow using the Ribbon.    

Step Six
Cut butterflies from the Kinder Squares. Glue to the lid.    

Step Seven
Create feelers from the Metallic Wire Cord and glue in place.