Mosaic Mirrors

Term: 3 Year: 2013

This project introduces Year 8 students to the concept of 2D plans that fold to create 3D Models.  As this project is six weeks in duration it needs to be successful, catering to all levels of expertise. 

I use the book ‘Paper, Scissors Sculpt’ for the templates (took out the really easy ones) as the starting point.  They trial a number of patterns on the metal (small squares) before deciding which ones they will use in the final design.

Students cut out the shapes using the silver aluminium embossing foil, keeping the template flat they emboss patterns (using pens/etching tools).  They also need to add their own additional features using other coloured metals, and self-adhesive industrial foil Models are only folded up once completed.

The bases are cut from 3mm plywood and painted with the glass shimmer paint.  Students choose additional materials to decorate their base before they are glazed.

It has been a very successful project, with some amazing results and a great introduction to three dimensional studies.

In this exhibition I have also included some pieces from our Year 9 program.  This is an elective subject (3 periods per week) over one semester.  It is a RICH task that really challenges the students, creating some excellent pieces of work.  Students can select from a wide range of materials (many from Zart) and techniques to create an individual response to their work briefs.  I find it a very rewarding subject to teach and the students are very responsive.

The creativity and the problem solving aesthetic considerations all come together to create wonderful artworks.

Robyn Pryor
Art Teacher
McKinnon Secondary College
Suitable for level 5