Term: 1 Year: 2014

Year 7 students produced monoprints as part of a Printmaking unit.

The students were required to present a number of prints, experimenting with the different effects that could be created by blocking out ink using a range of items including shapes cut out of paper, skeleton leaves, paper doilies and natural objects such as leaves and feathers.

Each student was provided with a heavyweight plastic board on which to work. Ink was applied using a roller and items were arranged on top of the inked surface. The students then produced their print by placing a sheet of cover paper on top and rubbing firmly over the surface with their hand.

Various effects were created by printing multiple layers, applying different coloured inks, using a range of paper colours and altering the objects placed on the ink. Ghost prints were also created, which produced subtle, but effective results.

Charlton College
Suitable for 
AusVELS level 7