Mono Printing onto Fabric using Oil Pastels and Sensory Art Paper

Mono-printing onto fabric using oil Pastels and Sensory Art Paper?

It’s a bit weird but hear us out.

Our Sensory Art Paper comes in a pack of 10 assorted colours and has the texture of a fine grit sandpaper. This makes it great for drawing or collage, however here we try something a little different. Due to it’s texture, Oil Pastel sits on top of the Sensory Art Paper, making it possible to create a really unique mono-print (with a little help from an Iron).

Here we printed onto some pre-cut cotton shirting but we’ve also had some success printing onto our calico bags.

It might take a little trial and error getting the heat of the iron right so it’s worth practising on a few smaller pieces first. This will also give you a chance to play around with how thickly you apply the oil pastels.

…Sorry about the ironing board. It’s the only one we’ve got.

Lesson Plan: Wax Monoprint