Monkey See Monkey Do

Term: 3 Year: 2016

Year Two students at Caulfield Grammar (Malvern) began the year with a focus on developing their observational drawing skills.

After several lessons exploring the ways in which pencil can be used to show line, tone, pattern and texture, they were given the brief of drawing a toy monkey, which was set up as a little still life in front of them.

They were challenged to include as many of the techniques they had learnt and practised and to show as much detail as possible. The students approached this task with great gusto and were spurred on by each other’s achievements. Most students took at least two sessions to complete their work and were keen to colour it on completion. The finished pencil drawings were photocopied and students had the choice of coloured pencil or marker to colour their work.

After looking at and being inspired by Andy Warhol’s drawings of cats, the students’ monkeys were recopied in miniature on several coloured papers. Students spent a session cutting, arranging and glueing them on a coloured background, in the style of Andy Warhol.

To complete the unit, students created a clay monkey and were encouraged to transfer their patterning and texture skills to clay. This clay work was painted with Zart Poster Colour and spray varnished.

Artwork provided by
Philippa Stichbury-Cooper
Caulfield Grammar, Malvern