Modroc Shoes

Term: 2 Year: 2011
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Modroc Shoes 9
St Paul's Anglican
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St Paul's Anglican
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During Term 1, 2010 the Year 4 students studied the art of drawing their shoes with fine detail. This activity
then carried on to re-creating a shoe into something more than a shoe. It was done over more than a term from design
through to completion.

The children were presented with a tub full of random shoes and boots that had been donated by parents. They were
to study the pile of shoes to see if they could see more than just a shoe. Some could visualise vehicles and tree
houses whilst others could see a variety of creatures emerge. They were then asked to select a shoe and draw their
thoughts into their visual diary. Some drew a number of ideas whilst others were set on one.

They began the task by building up the shoe with a variety of recycled materials such as newspaper, yoghurt
containers, cardboard rolls etc to create the desired shape. This was then covered with Modroc. The Modroc was also
used to create finer details such as, teeth, spikes, toes etc.

Once the Modroc had dried and cured it was then base coated with Chromacryl paints. A variety of collage materials
were used to further enhance the piece to its final completion.

Kim Bristowe
Junior School Visual Arts Teacher
St Paul's Anglican Grammar School, Warragul
Suitable for Level 4