Modroc Figurines

Term: 2 Year: 2014

Wattleview Primary School constructed these vibrant figurines using the simple starting point of a cardboard cylinder.

Week 1:

I explained to the students that they have a strong cardboard cylinder to work with as a base and then using newspaper, masking tape, armature wire and other incidental pieces to model and create/design their figurine that then we would mould it with Modroc. 

Students decided on their individual creation and begin to model with newspaper, masking tape and wire, if required.  Other incidental materials were also used in the initial modelling stage.

 Week 2 and 3:

Students continue to model and construct their individual figurines.  Several layers are required to achieve the desired affect!  Some students added extra effects to enhance their figurines etc. The White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland” needed large ears added and a fob watch on a chain, which was specifically bought!!!  The “Queen of Hearts” and the “White Rabbit” all had very specific characteristics that needed to be addressed.

Week 4 and 5

Students had all created their main character figurines.  Now it was up to the time to embellish them.  The student who created the Batman figurine went home and engaged his grandma and grandpa to help him with the Batman costume.  We had the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts  and the Mad Hatter which all had to be individually focussed on……just to mention a few and then there were many others!!!

Week  6

The final product!!!!  Students making hats for the Mad Hatter, students adding jewels for the Queen of Hearts, students adding Magiclay stopwatch for the White Rabbit and endless individual features for each figurine!!

Amanda Oliver
Visual Arts Co-ordinator
Wattleview Primary School
Suitable for Level 4