Mixed Media Self Portraits

Term: 3 Year: 2019


A painting unit with the theme Portraiture exploring A Snapshot in Time

For this unit, Mixed Media Self Portraits, Year 8 students-built skills in painting and mixed media, skills in developing the human face, explored portrait photography and generated imaged from photographs, researched works of artists who explored portraits and evaluated their works and discussed the process.

In visual art, mixed media is an artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed. Assemblages and collages are two common examples of art using different media that will make use of different materials including cloth, paper, wood and found objects.

A good portrait draws attention to the subject. This is normally achieved through some combination of a shallow depth of field, composition, color, and lighting. You should be able to look at a good portrait and know something about them. The best portrait artists can tell a whole story in a single image.

One of the strengths of Painting with Mixed Media is the sheer number of techniques it demonstrates, including: painting, drawing, layering, collaging, texturizing, sgraffito, create peeled paint effect, monoprinting, frottage, rubbing, slicing, weaving and more!

The Zart Student Gallery is committed to the exhibition of works by a cross-section of students, varying age, year level and diversity of needs.

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Year 8
Haileybury, Brighton