Mirka Mora Dolls

Term: 4 Year: 2011
Mirka Mora Dolls 2
Mirka Mora Dolls 1
Mirka Mora Dolls 7
Aspendale Gardens
Mirka Mora Dolls 5
Mirka Mora Dolls 4
Mirka Mora Dolls 3

Last term our Level 4 students showcased their story of the wonderful inspiring Australian artist Mirka

We decided to present our artworks to our families in an authentic French café. The Visual Arts Leaders
took on the task of organising the two evenings.  Notes were written home asking parents to assist with the
catering arrangements for the nights. Parents and staff were also ‘roped in’ to help with decorations.
Sewing bunting in the café colours and sewing a MIRKAS CAFÉ sign to hang above the entrance. Students
created invitations for the two evenings to ensure all would be able to fit into our Level 4 Headquarter space. They
stayed back after school to help set up the café style exhibition. Hanging bunting, placing  lamps
and  low coffee tables and chairs and hanging fairy lights. French music played as cute lanterns flickered on
the balcony,  the aroma of coffee and French delicacies served by ‘our French waiters and
waitresses’ dressed in French style welcomed and made everyone feel like they were really in the Latin Quarter
of Paris!   A visit by ‘Pierre de la Rue’ our ‘real French and artiste added the final
touch to the night. He formally thanked everyone for coming, praising the efforts of all in French and announced
those who had won special mention for their efforts. Families soaked up the atmosphere, moving through the
‘café’ coffee and crepes in hand, discussing their own child’s piece but also relishing the
opportunity to admire and celebrate the works of all the students.

Julie Lach
Visual Art Teacher
Aspendale Gardens Primary School
Suitable for Level 4