Me, Myself & I – Memory Frame

Decorate a Pre-Cut Mount with a collection of all your favourite things! Use a variety of mixed media and skills to create an intriguing piece of art about you. Great as an introductory activity for a new class which allows students to learn more about each other. Also ideal for graduation celebrations as a reflection exercise.


Pre-Cut Mounts – Black
Creative Bead Box
Cover Paper
Metallic Wire Cord
Paper MMe, Myself & I - Memory Frameagiclay
Dye Paper
Zart Glue Stick

How to make a Memory Frame

Step 1
Create your own memory frame using an A6 Pre-Cut Mount. Back it with coloured paper and create a stand with a folded piece of stiff card glued to the back of the mount.

Step 2
Decorate the frame with mini models, miniature books, collage and photographs.

Step 3
Use a white or silver pen to write your favourite things around the frame.