Me Books

Term: 3 Year: 2009

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Wk 1

Students constructed the booklets using form cuts for covers and A4 cover paper folded and cut in one of two ways.
The form cuts were firstly covered with patterned paper. (Lethbridge P.S. students used Pearltex paper and this gave
the look of leather), (Sth Geelong students used a variety of papers with Tie dye, Retro paper being most popular).

Next the A4 cover paper was folded into eighths, and then cut according to how students wanted their booklet to fold.
Teacher had samples.

Photos were taken of each student and printed wallet size.


Samples of scrap booking were shown and discussed.

Students mounted photo and initial letter of name on a page for each. These were embellished with coloured papers
and/or stickers.

Wk 3

Students had been working on self-esteem in classrooms. They made lists of words to describe themselves (e.g. artistic,
smart, friendly, humorous, wise, caring, etc.). They also had lists of favourite things (colour, dessert, TV show,
singer, holiday spot, etc.).

Students then wrote these words in a variety of ways and presented them in any way they liked. A variety of papers
and pens were provided. Some students chose to illustrate their words rather than write. 

Results are great and students have a wonderful keepsake from 2009.


South Geelong & Lethbridge Primary Schools