Matisse works

Term: 3 Year: 2008
Matisse Works 8
Matisse Works 7
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Matisse Works 5
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Matisse Works 3
Matisse Works 2
Matisse Works 1
Matisse Works 9

In the style of Matisse’s collages, Grade Two students created their own mixed media self portraits.

The intention was for students to represent themselves as a figure participating in an activity.

Matisse was the focus of a unit of work, with students exploring the evolution of his artwork throughout his lifetime,
focussing on his later period of collage art.

Students used their colour mixing skills to create a painted background, with texture created by using cardboard instead
of a brush to apply the paint.

On a different piece of paper, students created their figure. This was then positioned on the painted background, with
further collage to embellish the work.

All students were very impressed and proud of their colourful artworks. 

Clifton Hill Primary School