Matisse Inspired Gelli Plate Prints



In this video we explore the shapes and symbols used by Matisse in a gel plate print.

Henri Matisse was a French artist born in 1869 known for his use of colour and the way he emphasised flattened forms and decorative patterns. Matisse was inspired by art from a variety of different cultures and the human figure was central to many of his works.

In this activity we will be exploring the shapes and colours which Matisse has used in his own works to create a gel plate print. We begin by creating paper stencils for our work. We draw out Matisse inspired patterns and cut them out from the paper. We keep both the negative space stencil and the positive space cut outs. We cut out several different stencils to use in our work.

Next, we roll paint on to our gel plate and use texture plates to press in to our plate and create multiple prints using different colours. We then roll out different colours on our plate and lay our stencils over the plate and print on to our textured backgrounds. We experiment with the composition and explore different variations of the stencils. We choose our favourite composition for display.

This is a great activity for learning how to use gel plates especially with texture plates and stencils. It is also an easy way to learn about positive and negative space and how to create layers in an artwork.

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Lesson Plan: Matisse Inspired Gelli Plate Prints