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Year 8 Visual Art students researched primitive art and mask making throughout their 3D studies unit. 

The focus topic in Humanities was ‘Living in Asia-Pacific’ so the links when studying Oceanic masks
became apparent.

Once the outer shape and designs of mask were drawn in their visual journals, tightly rolled newspaper rods for
the support structure were made.  Cardboard and/or scrunched newspaper was used for the protruding facial
features and raised areas followed by paper mache application to the surface.

The students concentrated on distortion, elongation or simplification of some of the facial features, the use of
additional fibres, protruding parts, head dresses or chest plates.  When painting, they considered the use of
either traditional or contemporary colours and evenly spaced application of dots and in some cases, ‘double
dots’ for a more dramatic effect.

Level 5

Petra Glaser
Visual Art Specialist
ICA Casey College