Mask Making

Term: 3 Year: 2007

Mask Making 2
Mask Making 1
Mask Making 4
Mask Making 3

How To:

As part of a mask making unit the grade 5/6 children were required to make a paper decorative mask.

  • The initial base was created by folding on A4 paper and while maintaining a hold on the folded edge
    cutting an interesting edge around the other three sides – without removing much paper.
  • A second A4 paper was then folded and placed inside and slightly over lapping.
  • This was then also cut – where the two sheets overlapped the cutting needed to complement the existing
    edge. All cutting was through two layers providing symmetry to the face.
  • A larger cover paper was then also folded and placed inside the two A4 pieces. More creative cutting
    was then required.
  • These three were then glued together – with some amount of raised areas.
  • Paper skills were revisited with scoring, fringing, curling, cone making, fan folding etc. being incorporated
    into the final facial features.

Altona Primary School