Marimekko Inspired Banners

Term: 1 Year: 2019

Marimekko Inspired Banners

Inspired by the arrival of the Marimekko Exhibition to Bendigo, our Senior Unit embarked on the task of researching the ‘rags to riches’ success story of a little design company based in Helsinki before exploring the clever use of line, colour, shape and pattern found in their amazing prints and fabrics!

With banners playing a striking display in the exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery, students were challenged to create their own ‘Marimekko-style’ banners, using two or more of the elements listed above in their work. Materials were limited to lengths of calico, HB pencils and acrylic paint.

Each of the five Senior grades were responsible for a role within the design process, whether it be creating the design, drafting the design to fabric, selecting the colours, applying colour choices to fabric or adding the final touches, our banners slowly took shape and came to life!

The entire five-week process called for collaboration, sharing of ideas and skills, teamwork, problem solving and plenty of negotiation at every step. However, when viewing the final results, students were thrilled with the fabulous visual impact their banners created. Hopefully, we do Marimekko proud!

Year 6
St Therese’s Primary School, Kennington