Magiclay Jewellery


Who knew Magiclay could get any more versatile? These NEW Candy Colours make Magiclay ideal for fresh, contemporary jewellery making.

Step-by-Step: Earrings with Tassels

Step One

SChoose your dominant colour. Roll a ball about the size of a large stone. Add small amounts of contrasting colours for decoration and roll again to smooth our the surface.


Step Two

FUse your fingers and the palms of your hands to create a cylindrical shape. Then, using an Eye Pin, pierce the length of the bead.


Step Three

Use Pliers to attach Jewellery Findings such as Shepherd Hooks and Jump Rings to attach the Tassels.



Magiclay is easy to blend, allowing you to create artwork with a whole spectrum of colours! The chart above is only a starting point. Mixing Magiclay is a great way to teach colour theory.

 Exploration: Other Jewellery Ideas using Magiclay

Magiclay Brooch

Imprint designs and patterns into Magiclay surface. Once dry, Magiclay can then  be stitched. Glue a Brooch Back on to the reverse side.

Porcelain (Potato) Clay Earrings

Model simple shapes and poke holes with a needle prior to drying. Embellish with stitchery.