How to make Himmeli ornaments | Construction Art Lesson


In this video we explore the process of making our own Himmeli ornament, a type of hanging mobile. By using cardboard straws and thin beading wire we can create triangles which form the basis of a larger 3D structure.

We start by cutting our straws into 3 separate sizes (6 of each size) and threading these straws through the wire. Twisting two wires together allows us to extend the piece and continue the form.

Once our form is complete we add embellishments to the design including beads and patterned cotton to fill some of the blank areas in our sculpture.

Lesson Plan: Himmeli Ornament

Materials List:

Kraft Paper Straws 6mm x 19.7cm 250s
Beading Wire 22m Silver
Cotton Fabric A3 Pattern 10s
PVA Glue 230mL
Basics Zart Scissors 170mm
Wooden Beads Natural