Magiclay Fish

Term: 3 Year: 2016

Year 2 students from Toorak College created Magiclay Fish during their unit of inquiry – Sharing the Planet. To support the central Idea’Ecosystems rely on sustaining natural habitats’, Year 2 manipulated a pliable material called Magiclay to create a fishlike creature.

They observed many species of fish and discussed living things, natural habitats, biodiversity, and symbiotic relationships, with the focus being ‘Under the Sea’. The students then drew their own species with contour lines, in order to plan for the construction of a 3D fish. Patterns were imprinted onto the surface of each part of the fish, followed by painting to decorate the surface.

The elements of Art in focus were form, shape, pattern, colour and texture.

Artwork provided by
Petra Glaser