Liquid Chrome Markers

Alcohol-based permanent markers with a superior smooth and chrome mirror finish! Glossy, opaque, UV resistant and almost scratch proof. Marker is refillable and suitable for most nonabsorbent surfaces.

Ink Glide

Pump marker onto shiny side of High Gloss Inkjet Film or squeeze blob of ink from refill bottle. Whilst the chrome ink is wet, apply alcohol inks directly on top, making it disperse and glide across the surface.

Experiment with multiple substrates

Liquid Chrome Markers work on most surfaces, including canvas, plastic, vinyl, glass, cardboard, sealed wood, paper, terracotta, stone, porcelain, metal, acetate and rubber. NB: The high chrome mirror finish is most effective on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces. Seal with varnish for a more long-lasting effect.


Once dry, draw into the background using the Liquid Chrome Markers. Vary the nib size (1mm, 2mm or 4mm) to add interest.

Size Comparison

These markers come in 3 different sizes. An ultra fine 1mm bullet nib, great for fine details, dots and lines. A fine 2mm bullet nib, great for details and general use and a medium 4mm bullet nib, great for large areas. Best of all, each sized markers are refillable.
You can view the range by clicking this link.