Lino Prints

Term: 1 Year: 2011
Mullauna College
Mullauna College
Lino Prints 2011 2 1
Mullauna College
Mullauna College

Very large lino print of “Luna Park Melbourne”

This year in Year 12 Art I decided that I would like to explore types of Architecture from different locations and
time periods. Every country has its own trademarks for famous architecture. In Unit 3, I explored and trialled a
variety of materials, techniques and processes, which I used as starting points for “my body of work”. I
then decided I would like to do lino printing (very large lino printing).

The first one would be based on the “Taj Mahal” in India and the second piece as a comparison of
“Luna Park” in Melbourne. These two types of architecture are similar but also quite different. The large
lino print of “Luna Park” was something I have always wanted to do, to make it stand out and make the
viewer be impressed by its size.

Firstly I took my own photos of “Luna Park” in both black and white, and colour. This helped me with
sketching my ideas, final design and colour roughs. After this I reduced a smaller drawing to 50%, then photocopied
onto an overhead transparency and projected it to full size onto the sheet of lino. The lino came in a roll of which
I cut off the size I wanted. I couldn’t use the schools printing press because of its size, so I had to print
it on two art tables pushed together and then by hand. I then proceeded to print each colour as required on paper
which was also on a large roll. It was quite a difficult task, the inking-up of every colour and I needed another
person to help me register each colour.

I was very happy with the final result which I mounted onto a piece of hardwood board and then painted the edges
black. I also worked into the actual lino print itself with soft pastels and mounted it on a hardwood board and
displayed this with my finished lino print

Ruby Fillipino Year 12 Art
Mullauna College, Mitcham
Suitable for Level 12