Lino Cuts

Term: 4 Year: 2008
Lino Cuts 8
Lino Cuts 7
Lino Cuts 6
Lino Cuts 5
Lino Cuts 4
Lino Cuts 3
Lino Cuts 2
Lino Cuts 1
Lino Cuts 10
Lino Cuts 9

Students looked at the work of Australian Printmaker Thea Proctor and explored the technique of block printing.

Students were asked to come up with a design that involved people participating in a sport or recreational activity. They
took digital photographs of their classmates in a variety of poses and locations within the school and used these images
as the basis for their artwork.

Students planned their design in their sketchbooks before drawing their image onto their piece of lino. The design was
then carved into the lino using carving tools and the finished design printed.

Amy Green
Romsey Primary School