Term: 4 Year: 2012

Art of the Land

Students in Year 5 and 6 have been studying various aspects of Australia’s history and culture. To connect with this theme students were asked to look at Australian indigenous art. Students then chose to work in either the traditional warm colours or the more contemporary cool colours. Tearing skills and techniques were chosen to reflect the rough nature of the land, highlighting mountains and valleys.

A variety of papers were used to create different effects and colours. The background was then framed using a complementary colour selection.

Leaf Decoration

Students collected leaves of varying sizes and shapes from Eucalyptus trees. Poscas and markers created the colour for the background and white and silver pens created the detailed designs on the leaves.

Students found this an enjoyable and rewarding project which connected with their classroom programs using techniques and design skills developed during art sessions.

Kathy Orford
Visual Arts
Wheelers Hill Primary School
Suitable for Level 4