Layered 3D Patterned Paper Landscape

In this lesson students explore the work of aboriginal artists Agnes Wotton and Jo Wilson. Students analyse how these artists have used shape, line and pattern in their works to link to nature and the different landscapes of Australia. Students use patterned papers designed by these artists to create a 3D layered landscape collage.

Lesson 1

Students explore the artworks of Agnes Wotton and Jo Wilson. What do students believe has inspired their designs? How have these artists used shape, line and pattern to create their artworks
and represent the native flora and fauna of Australia?

Students consider the landscapes around them and the ones they may have visited around Australia. Discuss the shapes, patterns and textures which they might see. Using patterned papers students choose the patterns which they believe reflect their chosen landscape.

Students paste their papers on to thick card. Students then create a simple line drawing of their chosen landscape with at least 3 layers consisting of a background, middle ground and foreground.

Lesson 2

Students work from their simple line drawing. Choosing a layer for the background students cut out their paper and paste some corrugated card to the back of the paper. Students then paste this on to a coloured piece of card.

Students then work on their middle ground and cut another piece of pattern paper repeating the process and working in layers until they have completed their foreground layer.

What you’ll need:

Contemporary Australian Indigenous Pattern Paper
Corrugated cardboard
Thick paper / card

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Layered 3D Patterned Paper Landscape