Term: 1 Year: 2012

The theme of this unit of work was the Landscape.

We investigated different types of landscape work, both realistic and more abstract representations. With this lesson we looked at the work of Jeffery Smart. We drew inspiration from the still and mysterious atmosphere he creates in his work. We also observed the way Smart incorporated repeated patterns and lines to create interest and unity. These were the elements we focussed on when painting our landscapes.

Our first step was to make so observational drawings around the school buildings. We spent about 15 minutes on each drawing and ended up with 4 designs to choose from. Once back in the class rooms the designs were transferred onto larger sheets of paper ready for painting. Sometimes the students added a shape or line or omitted one to enhance their work. The students then chose a palette of colours to work with from the poster paints. We had a choice of cool or warm colours or earthy tones. By limiting the colour palette the students were able to focus on creating a work showing pattern and line.

Whilst the works created may not echo the mysteriousness of Smart's work, they do demonstrate a feeling of surprise and interest that compels the viewer to really look at them.

Tonia Burgess
Visual Art Teacher
Heatherton Christian College
Suitable for Level 5