Australian Bush in the Summertime Landscapes

Term: 3 Year: 2006
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As part of an integration unit with the Commonwealth Games students in year 6 discussed the Australian bush in the summer time and its essential characteristics.

Dry harsh sun bleached colours muted foliage, this is what visitors to our countryside can expect to see. Hans Heysen was discussed and his paintings were important in this study as were the Heidelberg artists. Composition, colour mixing and paint application were discussed and demonstrated prior to the students commencement.  Students worked from photographs taken of the Australian bush.

Materials: Acrylic paint on large cartridge paper, palette knives, grey lead pencils.


Compositions were sketched and foreground, middle ground practice were incorporated into the drawings. Particular focus was on capturing the accurate scale of the work, horizon lines diminishing size and large trees in the foreground. Paint application and mixing was demonstrated and explored.  A Limited palette was used white, black, yellow ochre, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, forest green. Paints were applied from the sky first with palette knives creating texture and depth, working down to detailed spaces in the foreground. Creating depth through appropriate use of colour. Strong colour in the foreground and muted tones in the background.


Understanding what makes a good composition and that foreground, middle ground and background are essential when painting a landscape. Understanding how to create the illusion of space through diminishing scale and appropriate colour application. Understanding colour mixing and how to create the effects of light and shade. Understanding scale and proportion and how to capture the illusion of an enormous space on a much smaller piece of paper. Being able to use the correct Art terminology when observing and discussing landscape painting.

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