Klimt Inspired Works

Term: 1 Year: 2012

The Vienna: Art and Design Exhibition provided stunning inspiration for Year 10 Art students this year at Mullauna College in Mitcham.

Initially, the class was introduced to drawing by learning the proportions of the figure and then following this up with a number of lessons drawing each other in class. The figure, parts of the figure and then the face were studied. This work provided the basis of what was yet to come.

In light of the current exhibition the students looked closely at the work of Gustav Klimt- his influences, his choice of colours and fluid movement of line and shape within his figure portraits.

Using this knowledge, each student chose one or more of their own figure drawings as a basis of a KLIMT inspired design. They could trace their own drawings and place the images wherever they chose …they were encouraged to ‘abstract’ their designs, often elongating shapes into flowing voluminous shapes and patterns.

The students were then given the option of selecting the mediums that they best felt suited their design- they could use paint (including silver, gold and bronze), metallic markers, metallic paper (kinder squares) or fine liners etc…

The artworks evolved over a number of lessons with each student producing individual and creative designs based on their own drawings. They considered the balance of colour and texture as their work evolved, many of them opting to include collaged areas.  Their engagement in this topic was intense, right down to choosing the colour of their mount. Constant reference to images by Klimt was essential, especially to ensure that they captured the essence of his ‘style’.

Overall, the students were given enough scope to create their own individual work which they thoroughly enjoyed- bringing Gustav Klimt into the 21st century!

Rebecca Holmes
Visual Art & Design Co-ordinator
Mullauna College, Mitcham
Suitable for Level 6