Term: 1 Year: 2008

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How To:

Levels 1 and 2

Grade 1/2DW looked at Japanese Art and all things Japanese!  We learnt that the Kimono was an important part
of Japanese history and culture and that they could be worn by men and women and are usually made of silk. 
They are still worn today for special occasions.  We used Japanese Rice paper and tissue paper to make our Kimonos. 
We spent time matching the patterns and colours to get the best effect.  We then used glue and lots of patience
to create our Kimonos.  In our study of Japan we looked at Japanese Artists, in particular, an artist named
Yuji who depicts Mt Fuji erupting in all sorts of ways – with blossoms, stars, clouds and colours.  We
also learnt how to say ‘hello’ in Japanese!


We looked at lots of different artists but one that we were really interested in, was Henri Rousseau because he used
his imagination. He was a French painter who loved to paint pictures of jungles despite never having left Paris.
Henri would take his sketch book to the Botanic Gardens in Paris and the Paris Zoo. Back at his studio he would use
these sketches to create his imaginary jungle paintings. We experimented with many mediums but chose to use water
colours because in our imaginations, jungles would be filled with colour!

Gr 1/2

For the individual l art pieces for our art show, the children focussed on the works of author/illustrator Eric Carle.
Eric Carle is renowned for his illustrations, which use bright collage papers that he has produced himself by brushing,
spattering and printing. He then uses these papers to create the characters we find in his books. Like Eric Carle
the children created their own papers by using his techniques. They then created an animal in stages using the paper
that they had created. The final product is a unique and brightly coloured animal.

Level 4

The children in 5/6F have been inspired by the work of John Coburn

He is a painter, tapestry designer and teacher from Northern Queensland.  He believes that the natural
world is the perfect example of the miracle of creation and renewal and paints natural forms such as leaves, flames,
the sun and moon in a simplified way to represent his deepest feelings about life.

In 5/6F the children have experimented with different types of paper and a variety of painting techniques, e.g. printing,
using a roller and splattering paint to create their final art pieces.

Everyone has learnt a lot and really enjoyed designing and perfecting their final piece of work. 

St Thomas The Apostle School Blackburn North