Kimmy Cantrell Inspired Clay Masks

Term: 2 Year: 2020


Earthenware clay, Vipond paints and metal findings

Children looked at images of artworks by American artist, Kimmy Cantrell. They drew a design for their own mask on white paper. They then used coloured papers to create a 2D “plan” for their work.

Over two sessions they cut, joined and inscribed the pieces of a clay slab to build their mask. After drying and firing, the students painted their masks with bright Vipond gloss paints. When the paint was dry, they applied a layer of black chromacryl paint over the entire surface. This was then washed off, leaving paint in the grooves of the decoration. Finally, the children glued metal findings, such as bolts and nails to their mask.
Year 5
Boroondara Park Primary School, Balwyn North