Jewellery: Threading & Closures


Contemporary jewellery making is very resourceful and utilises a range of skills and techniques across the art mediums, including the age-old trends of weaving and macrame. Here are a few ideas on how to add that special touch to your jewellery, instead of using ready-made Jewellery Findings.

 Exploration: Threading & Closures


Unisex Bracelets

Explore plaiting and weaving Friendship Bracelet Cord, Leather Cord or Leather Lacing to create wearable bracelets.


Charms Bracelet

Create charms using modelling media. Alternatively use Shrinky Dinks for transparent and novel trinkets (pictured). 


Thread handmade beads onto Leather or Hemp Cord to create a striking necklace. For bracelets, thread beads onto Stretch Beading Cord for more flexibility. 

Wire Earrings

Soft Wire is very easy to manipulate without tools.