Iron-On Transfer – Textiles Project

In this lesson students will explore the work of Jocelyn Proust. Students will use iron on sheets to create a textiles piece on a calico bag in a similar style to Proust. Students will draw inspiration of native flora and fauna to create their design and then work on their final piece.

Lesson 1

Students explore the work of Jocelyn Proust. Discuss her inspiration, style and process as a class. Students will create their own textiles piece using iron on sheets in a similar style to Proust.

Students create a design for their work. Students can choose any native Australian Flora or Fauna as a source of inspiration. They will draw their design with Proust’s graphic style in mind while thinking about how their drawing will translate to an iron on sheet collage. Students should ensure they use simple shapes when drawing their work.

Lesson 2

Students draw out their design on iron on sheets. Students should think about the colours which they want to use for their work. They will then draw individual shapes on the iron on sheets and cut them out.

Students will then place their iron on sheets on to a calico bag. Students must work in layers, iron on their first layer, peel off the plastic and then iron on their next layer.

What you’ll need:

Iron-On Sheets
Glitter Iron-On Sheets
Calico Bag
Baking Paper

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Iron-on-Transfer