Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Term: 3 Year: 2018

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation aims to close the literacy gap experienced by children living in remote communities by instilling a lifelong passion of reading and engaging family and community in the learning process.

You can help the Indigenous Literacy Foundation achieve this by getting involved and running a Great Book Swap at your school.

The Foundation’s three main programs distribute books and resources to remote communities and establish early literacy programs that encourage family involvement with books published in first language as well as community literacy programs that engage with students in remote communities to publish their own stories.

The Great Book Swap is a national fundraising initiative of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and seeks to encourage reading within your own school and provide much-needed books and learning resources for Indigenous children living in remote communities. The aim is for students and teachers to swap a favourite book in exchange for a gold coin donation.

Your school or learning centre can host a Great Book Swap anytime of the year – and it’s as simple as registering online, promoting your event, collecting and swapping books, and submitting any funds raised. In 2018, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation is hoping to engage over 1000 schools to raise over $300,000 to supply 30,000 books for remote Indigenous communities.

To host a Great Book Swap at your school call 02 9280 0644 or go to for more information.