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Term: 3 Year: 2007

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How To:

The Year 8 art students of Catholic Ladies’ College have been busy looking at a variety of Aboriginal
artists both past and present.

Students studied the symbolism, interpretations and meanings in artist Michael Nelson Jagamara’s works
of dreaming sites of the Western Desert.
The Wurrundjeri people are the traditional custodians of the
Catholic Ladies’ College site and with this knowledge students researched many aspects of Indigenous
culture including beliefs, ceremonies and the importance of art in everyday life.

Walking around the College grounds, students looked at the layout and how it could be drawn out as a map. They
imagined what it would look like as an aerial photograph then designed individual maps based on the layout
and what was important to them.

These maps were then drawn freehand and the best designs were chosen to put on canvas. The canvases were stretched
and primed and the designs drawn on with a HB pencil. Acrylic Chromacryl Paint was applied to the background
and colour swatches were made from the College colours and the surrounding vegetation. The students practised
their technique with a variety of brushes and cotton buds to make different sized dots. They then worked
in groups creating vegetation and walking tracks. The painting was sprayed with a clear varnish and beads
were added to emphasise some areas, the students also wanted to add something pretty to represent themselves
in amongst the vegetation.

There is a strong interest in Indigenous culture and issues at Catholic Ladies’ College which is encouraged
through a variety of initiatives. We celebrate and strive for reconciliation though the Social Justice Group,
and Year 9 and 10 students are invited to journey to Central Australia for an Indigenous Immersion Experience.
We are welcomed on to the Pitjanjatjara lands near Uluru by the traditional custodians of those lands, the
Anangu people, and we share in their ancient and sacred story. To explore Indigenous art is yet another initiative
to a better understanding and celebration of Aboriginal culture.

Melinda Wills
Arts KLA Team Leader
Catholic Ladies’ College, Eltham