I AM Collage

Term: 1 Year: 2020

The ‘I AM’ Collage Book explores the diversity of aspirations held by the senior students at St. Paul’s College, a specialist school in Melbourne’s south-east.

The book comprises a collection of students realities, hopes and dreams reflecting their joy and beliefs, and celebrates each student’s strengths and abilities, interests and gifts as they see themselves presently and how they imagine themselves in the future. Every affirmation made by each student is based upon discussions in art lessons about the distinguishing qualities that make them who they are and their personalities, the set of qualities and beliefs that make them different from others, the way they think about themselves as well as the way they are viewed by the world.

Each page is arranged to symbolise the student’s bright future as radiating beams of sunlight and is a self-portrait that represents the various parts of each student’s identity… using words.
The approach involved developing ideas in class and encouraging students to express and communicate their feelings about themselves and their world. Books were read to and by students and ideas were generated about themselves and their classmates along with discussions relating to identity and change beyond school – the student’s future. The process involved writing or searching for words or statements in magazines and newspapers which related to them and using visual conventions in their artwork; collage media in various textures, materials and techniques in two-dimensions. By participating in class conversations about identity, using images, gestures and sound to enable students to make choices, connections were made around students ‘here and now’ and the desired ‘future version’ of themselves.

Fran Jackson
Art teacher
St. Paul’s College, Balwyn