Hundertwasser Inspired Paper & Magiclay Collage

Lesson 1

Students explore the work of Hundertwasser. Discuss how Hundertwasser uses organic shapes and
bright colours in his work. View his architectural works and analyse how they relate to nature and how nature inspired many of the artist’s works.

Show students how to create layers in a collage. Students use the handmade collage papers and paste them down to a coloured piece of paper to represent buildings.

Students cut and paste another sheet of paper to represent mountains and paste this in to the middle ground. Students then add lines to create patterns over the background and middle ground coloured papers, using markers. Students create the foreground by pasting more shapes to represent more buildings.

Lesson 2

Show students how to use and model with Magiclay. Show them how to roll out small pieces and thick pieces. Students use the Magiclay to create details in their work and add line to the boarders of their collaged papers.

Students can add glue and press the Magiclay on top to attach the pieces. Students can also draw lines and patterns in to their work with markers.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Hundertwasser Inspired Paper & Magiclay Collage