Hands Around the World

Term: 1 Year: 2012

Learning Focus: Threads and Textiles

*Investigate and extend knowledge of qualities of threads and fabrics
*Develop fine motor skills: threading a needle, cutting using special fabric scissors, sewing on buttons and sequins
*Manipulate threads and fabrics e.g. fabric collage, sewing, threading


*Create a fabric collage depicting Aboriginal symbols to tell a story. Add extra colour using watercolour paints.
* Using a variety of threads and buttons create an Aboriginal design (that tells a story) in contemporary or traditional colours on a felt hand. Stitch initials.
  -create a paper pattern of own hand first,
  -plan design incorporating Aboriginal symbols,
  – use paper pattern to cut out felt hand,
  -stitch design onto hand,
  -stitch name or initials
Teacher glue hands onto backing fabric and sew hanging sleeve to create a wallhanging.

This unit took about 6 weeks.

Clare Carroll
Visual Art Teacher
Geelong South Primary School
Suitable for Level 3