Gustav Klimt

Term: 1 Year: 2012

The students in Grade 3/4 were given the task of restoring an old mannequin found on the scrap heap at a garage sale!

We looked at several paintings by the famous Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, particularly the beautiful women and discussed how they were painted.

The students made drawings using flowing lines and shapes to compose a geometric design of their ideas. They blended and layered colours using soft pastels then embellished their work with sequins and metallic paints.

Each student was then given a large piece of fabric cut in a petal shape, to then decorate with materials of similar colour tones. These were pinned and layered onto a petticoat, to dress our beautiful lady…

A group of students in Grade 1/2 thought she needed a magnificent scarf to throw over her shoulders. Having just explored the technique of felting, they wanted to experiment with colours and swirls to make this accessory.

Two students in Grade 5/6 thought she needed her jewels so they painted the Zart paper balls with Shimmer Paints, to pick up the colours in her outfit.

Our lady was displayed in front of a mirror so that she could admire herself in her reflection!

Michele Freeland-Small
Box Hill North PS
Suitable for Level 3