Guppy Fish

Term: 4 Year: 2019


Guppy Fish

Year 3 students from Waverley Christian College, Wantirna South used A3 Cartridge paper, Maxi Norris pencils for drawing, Faber Castel watercolour pencil trays, watercolour, acrylic brushes, cool and warm acrylic paint, scrap waste card, cotton filters and black, silver and white paint to make these Guppy Fish paintings.

First students were asked to draw the outline of Guppy fish using their own handshape as a guide, then paint texture for the body using watercolour pencils, and print marks on their fishtail using a variety of tools. Next they were asked to mix a light silver paint representing seaweed patterns and add onto the background. Finally students added black and white marks appropriately to add interest and realism to their individual guppy fish.

The guppy is an elongated fish that is available in many different colours and pattern variations. The mouth is up-turned and the head is small. Males are smaller, but they have a large, colourful tail. The larger females are plainer in colour and have a smaller tail.

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Year 3
Waverley Christian Collage, Wantirna South